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It's What Everybody Talks About

A fundamental human topic

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Sometimes it can be challenging to find speakers who deliver an interesting and engaging discussion on a topic that everyone in your group will find worthwhile. Not everything is of interest to everybody. But there's one topic that people already talk about all the time — other people. We are constantly talking to other people about other people. Why? Because, as human beings, relationships for us are everything, from primary (romantic) relationships to family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and even, believe it or not, an elevator filled with strangers. We literally depend on our relationships with others for our very lives. In addition, relationships can help us maintain equilibrium and move in a direction of peace and happiness.

And yet most of us hardly know anything about the underlying fundamentals of relationships, or why relationships can sometimes seem to go so horribly wrong. Paradoxically, because we've been in relationships all our lives, we think we're experts!

One talk everyone in your group will appreciate

Imagine if the members of your group had a better understanding of how to navigate the tricky waters of relationships. Imagine if, instead of blaming, attacking or avoiding others, they develop insights that let them see a new way forward in those relationships?

In this lively and often humorous discussion, I offer new perspectives on primary and other relationships based on a century of scientific studies and my own experience as a therapeutic counsellor and workshop leader.

This discussion includes topics such as:

  • Relationship Myth Busting
  • Relationship Realities
  • Relationship Restoration

Improved relationships inside and outside the group

With this thought-provoking talk, members in your group will gain a sense of the underlying fundamentals of human relationships, how to improve a bad relationship, and how to make a good relationship better. In addition to providing your members with an interesting discussion, relationships among group members and each one's experience of relationships outside the group will benefit.

Let's talk about booking a lively discussion for your next gathering in the Calgary to Red Deer area. I have limited speaking engagements available, so the sooner you can book a talk, the better.